Peeraya Suphasidh’s Studio is an architecture and creative practice established in 2017 with the focus on sensitivity and specificity of built environments. The studio is currently based out of Cambridge, MA.

Peeraya was raised in the tropical climate of Bangkok with a brief exchange period in the Nordics. She received a Bachelor of Fine Arts and Bachelor of Architecture from Rhode Island School of Design, where her thesis “Iterations of a Dream” was awarded with the Thesis Prize. Upon graduation, she was given a fellowship with residency by Arts, Letters & Numbers in New York to further develop her work on the duality within the space of architecture and that of the human body. In the US, she worked with BriggsKnowles Architecture + Design on a passive haus in New Hampshire as well as with Ogawa Deparden Architects on apartment renovations in Manhattan.  

She worked for 2 years in Tokyo where she joined Sou Fujimoto Architects, developing international projects and competition proposals. With TORAFU Architects, she collaborated on local competitions and commissions.

Her recent project with Matthieu Boustany and Benoist Defonds “Le Château Ambulant” won first place on a 100% Wooden House competition hosted by Château de la Bourdaisièr. Their joint entry with A2OM “Unpredictable City” was ranked third on the international competition for Russian Standard Housing hosted by Strelka KB.