2017 Bangkok, Thailand

H Project Space is very pleased to announce a research project and installation by Peeraya Suphasidh. For much of February, the architect-artist will conduct a type of phenomenological research of H Project Space where the architecture is studied as akin to a human body. Suphasidh will examine hidden and overlooked structural elements, extracting significance through exploring analogies with skin and the mind. This period of work is titled Prelude: An Offset and Suphasidh will also test how visitors respond to her interventions. The installation Iterations of a Dream follows and runs to August 2017.

2014 Oaxaca / Mexico

Studying with prints and making meanings by means of repetitive mark makings. Extracting the marks from from its compositional context.

2013 Rhode Island / USA

The page is traversed with lines, marks, and lines - the regular in tantum with the irregular.

2013 Rhode Island / USA

The project explore the interdependecy between digital operations (computation) and the physicality of its making (pen plotting), positioning computation as a mean of both thinking and making.

2014 Rhode Island / USA

Stilts once made for the body are reconstructed to hold the lenses at the level of my eyes. The four legs combine to support the zoetrope.

2014 Rhode Island / USA

The eye doubled as the looking glass. They are lenses made of still optical liquid, casting shadows at the same time distorts what surrounds them. They continue to reinterpret what is projected upon them. We, in likeness of the lenses, are amoung the lenses, and are ourselves lenses.

2014 Rhode Island / USA

Aren’t we all reflecting what surrounds us? Aren’t us all a double of what our senses perceive?  The idea of being a double or duplicate of the world continues to create a compelling proposition to me.

2009 Providence, RI, USA

The instrament captures the movement in the air and that in the body of water: the wooden pieces dance with the water current while the yarn glide with the wind. 

2021 Bangkok / THAILAND

Blurring the boundary between the physical act of drawing and writing, this body of work is an abstraction of the written language. Precisely, what is language, without an agreed upon interpretation? I engage myself in mark making in lieu of writing (al-phabetic composition) as a mean of communication; a mode of expression. The drawing evokes something akin to a kind of photograph which summons familiar feelings. A kind of poetry which momentarily transpose the senses. A kind of knowledge, not unlike pages of books, written line by line with meaning carefully inscribed. Viewer immerse herself in the landscape of marks as she interpret the leaf in front of her.

2014 Rhode Island / USA

I trust in the assembly of things in space and their ability to provoke new apparatuses in lived ambiances. By meditated means of explorations, at many different levels, certain things become clearer while other fades away. Points of departures and point of pauses, all interconnected, leads to both a constructed and

Like millions of butterflies in mid-air, all pinned at differnt points in space - we look at them from different spectrums of the looking glass. Each of us looking for places to reside among them and they, too, are looking for their places to reside within us.

I am proposing a view of architecture that they should be a copy of our very being - a frail and fragile duplicate that can only be recognized when strength and care are paid to it. With these qualities of attention can it stand up straight, come back into shape, and find recognizable form.
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