with Kyle Ryan and Daniel Garcia / 
2020 Allston / USA

'The Block' is a mixed-use, transit-oriented development proposal of a 10 acre shopping center in Allston, MA. Located at the new Boston Landing MBTA rail stop, this project envisions diverse spaces for living, working, and retail in the form of a new elevated urban square, forming the foundation for a 15-min city. Learn more.

2018  Bangkok  / THAILAND

The accomplishment of the Chinese development does not lie alone in the physical manifestation of its built environment but in the strategic maneuvering of related systems that allow Chinese cities to competitively thrive in the 21st century. As a leader in an emerging market, China has overcome countless challenges which have never been witnessed before; it has been constantly reinventing itself, its regulation, and its planning alongside the economy both at a macro and micro scales. The real estate development mechanism that coupled the economic upraise of China has no precedence and make for a beneficial case study for other developing study. Strength in the robust operation of the Chinese real estate mechanism as well as its downfall will be use as reference to hypothesize a positive development approach in Thailand’s developing economy. Short-coming in neglecting the nuances and uniqueness of each countries will be pointed out while possible solution that found in Chinese development methods will be encouraged in the development of a much smaller country of Thailand.

with Anna Goga and Edgar Rodriguez / 2019 Massachusetts / USA

This experiment questions the conventional modes in which cartographic information is represented. By expanding beyond the visual attributes of maps, can one still perceive factual information through other senses? Rather than mapping the concentration of activities on to a spatial location, the element of time is instead used to ground these activities. In our project we propose taste as the main channel of perception, where the 24-hour-clock is used to regulate the intervals in which data is collected. Different intensities of taste depict different concentrations of activity at that specific time of the day.
2019  / ASEAN

Period of recent large migration labor to Thailand occurs from 1987, coinciding with a decade-long economic boom based upon increased exports and a major foreign direct investment. Thai economy has an increased need in labor demand which was quickly filled by the neighboring region. As a result, temporary amnesty was issued for violation of Thailand’s immigration and labor laws to irregular migrant works already employed in Thailand. Migrants were granted short-term exemption from deportation based upon the request of their employer without the right to change employment or leave the province in which they had registered. The ad-hoc approach to migration policy eventually became the foundation of Thailand’s labor migration policy framework. (UN Thailand Migration Report 2019) While agreement for highly skilled occupations such as doctors, lawyers, engineers and architect to work freely across ASEAN, they are the minority of the workforce that migrate across the region. Prohibition for low skilled worker still apply even when they out-numbered the former in many scales.

with Fatma Al-Alawi / 2020 Poughkeepsie / USA

Using manual testing methods on a variety of materials, capillary action and extent of evaporative cooling for each material per material area has been determined. The results have been coupled with a Computational Fluid Dynamics model to assist in a better understanding of the nature of heat flux as an urban intervention.

with Victor Lutenco, Ander Caballero, and Valentin Sierra Arias / 2019 Ulaanbaata  / MONGOLIA

According to UNICEF respiratory infections in Ulaanbaatar have increased at a rate of 270% over the last 10 years and children living in the city have a 40% lower lung function than those living in rural areas. Our intervention consists of dying the compressed (processed) coal in a way that when 5 users burn it the result is a distinct blue smoke, different from the white-grey smoke produced as a result of combusting rough coal. Our central idea here is to send a message that the Mongolians who are using compressed coal, thus producing a blue smoke, are visibly contributing to maintaining Mongolia as a “Land of the Eternal Blue Sky.”

Our campaign relates to Mongolian identity, pride, and the responsibility of the “true Mongolian” to contribute to the “Eternal Blue Sky” establishing the connection between the greatness of the glorious Mongolian past with the present, to inform the behaviour that will benefit the Mongolian people today.

2013 Massachusetts / USA

Landscape features of the Emeral Necklace were picked and hilighted using based on the colored pixel from a high resolution satellite imagery.